Game Theme

Everyone has quirks. We hide it to follow the rules, to conform to a group, or just to not let other people feel afraid. What will happen if we see the “INSIDE” part of others?
What if we break those rules?

Background Story

"Stay Inside" happens in this kind of world: There's a routine set for all the people. Everyone has to follow it strictly. If anyone disobey the rule, he would be reported immediately and "executed".
As a primary school student, you just need to follow these instructions: go to school, greet the teacher, hand in homework, sit on your seat, listen to lecture and take your notes. Every day is the same and your classmates do the same thing with you. Don't ask, just follow.



They are the common people around us. They are also not that common, though.


Want to become Ultraman


My classmate

Mrs. Wu

Our teacher


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Interactable Items

Player can use imagination to find how to interact with the scene using items they find.

Multiple Scenes

Transition from 1D to 4D (real world) makes this game unexpectable.

Inspirable Story

Background settings and the whole gameplay can bring some reflections on real world.

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